Long Term Rentals on Hilton Head IslandAre you looking at owning and managing rental properties on Hilton Head with a long-term view?  You will rarely increase the value of your rental property investment over the short term. Increased wealth comes from growth in equity that typically occurs over time.  Ensuring long-term appreciation should be your first consideration when deciding which property to buy. Location, location, location may be an overused term, but it still holds true. You can change virtually everything about the property except its location. Be wary of buying a property in a high vacancy location or in areas that are declining economically or aesthetically.  Although you can improve many aspects of the property, you may want to stay away from houses that require comprehensive repairs. You can get these “fixer-uppers” for a discounted price, but the money you save often won’t cover the cash required to make the property presentable. Read the rest of this entry