Hilton Head Island Real Estate Newsletter – July 2016

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   Have you found your “Forever” Property?
If you have found your forever property or you are waiting a few years to get it, consider the advantages this market currently offers.  With the uncertainty surrounding mortgage interest rates and increasing property prices, savings could mount to 100’s of thousands of dollars for forever owners and buyers that act now.  The savings can be a real game changer.  Here’s why.
Meet the Vacation Team Specialist!

Meet Darcey Sundling, Property Manager
Meet Darcey Sundling,
Property Manager
Meet Terry Sundlng, Property Maintenance
Meet Terry
Sundling, Property Maintenance
Meet Jeanne Meade, Vacation Planner
Meet Jeanne Meade, Vacation Planner
Meet Ken Meade, Golf Coordinator
Meet Ken Meade, Golf Coordinator
Historic Tours
Meet Linda Vingelen
Historic Tours
Our Awesome Vacation Properties
See our Awesome Vacation Properties
Planning a last minute summer or fall vacation?
Contact one of our vacation planners at (843)785-2242
or via email at info@hhprandr.com.  They have some great things in store for your next vacation!
Our best,The Crew at Hilton Head Properties R & R

Are you in your “Forever” property?

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Percheron 28 40If you have your forever property or you are waiting a few years to get it, consider the advantages this market currently offers.  With the uncertainty surrounding mortgage interest rates and increasing property prices, savings could mount to 100’s of thousands of dollars for forever owners and buyers that act now.  These savings can be a real game changer.  Here’s why.

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The Final Word on the Best Time to Sell a Home

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There are countless home selling articles online that seem to contradict each other.

In this Huffington Post article, the month of May is the best time to sell. But in this Washington Post article, any time between December and March is the optimal time. And in this NerdWallet article, the right time to sell is between May and August.

Is there a right answer? And if you are interested in selling your home soon, should you start preparing your home now or wait until the weather gets colder?

Why Home Sellers Choose to List in the Summer

Every season has its benefits for home sellers.

Spring has traditionally been the time that homeowners put their homes on the market, since the weather is ideal for showings and curb appeal. However, online home searching makes it even easier for today’s buyers to explore available listings (and high-quality photos) at any time.

Let’s say you wanted to sell your home right now. You may be able to sell quickly and for more money because:

  • Home buyers want to move before the new school year starts.
  • Home buyers have fewer properties to choose from than in the springtime.
  • Home buyers can schedule showings during the longer days.

What About the Other Seasons?

an agent showing a buyer a homeThere are equally good reasons that home sellers are able to reap the rewards during any other season.

In the spring, there is a chance that potential buyers will start a bidding war.

In the fall, the cooler autumn weather is ideal for home showings.

And in the winter, especially during the holidays, there are often more motivated buyers eager to settle down before the new year.

The Truth About Selling in the Summer

Is timing the secret to selling a home? Yes, but the optimal time depends on when you need to sell. You shouldn’t wait any longer than necessary.

The key to selling your home quickly and for more money is choosing the right real estate agent.

Have you considered selling your home this summer? We can give you more information about ways to increase your home’s value. Call us today and let’s talk about the next steps.

Blog Hilton Head Agent July 13 Update

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The Town of Hilton Head Island Beach Renourishment Update



Current Active Construction Area Location

The beach area between 24 – 56 Planters Row is currently restricted for beach renourishment construction.

Mitchelville Beach Park remains closed.
Click the video above to watch it in action and

Click here for the Interactive Construction Area Map



Community and Property Updates:

Property Searches:


Search:  Hilton Head Island

Search:  Bluffton

Search:  Daufuskie Island

Search:  Our Listings

Search:  Rental Properties


Hilton Head Properties R & R YouTube will have all our properties soon!  Also, Please click here for our new magazine featuring all of our excellent rental properties.  If you would like for us to send you a magazine in the mail, please email us at info@hhprandr.com.  Pop in and see us at 12 New Orleans or call us anytime.  Have a safe and Happy Summer!

Have a Happy Summer!

Our best,

The Crew at Hilton Head Properties R & R

Hilton Head Properties


Equal Parts Emotion and Logic for Summertime Buyers in the Hilton Head Area

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rs1509211-1035We used to say, buying property in the Hilton Head area was 80% emotion and 20% logic.  That was before the interest rates hit the all time lows and rental income flourished.  Now that we have both emotion and logic supporting a prospective purchasers decision, the hardest part now is just deciding which one.  It is also helpful to understand the local language and how much they are when you are weighing your decision.  Listed below are links and explanations for  POA, ARB, Regime, Transfer fees and other local real estate terms.

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Hilton Head Properties Realty and Rentals 2016 Magazine

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Pictured below is the 2016 Guide to the Low Country.  Just click on the magazine to open the on line version.  If you would like to receive a hard copy in the mail, please email us at info@hiltonheadproperties.biz and be sure to include your address.  Enjoy!

Included in the Hilton Head Properties Realty and Rentals magazine you will find:

  • Community and Neighborhood Information
  • Community and Membership fees for 2016
  • Vacation Rentals on Hilton Head Island
  • Helpful articles about the Island
  • Maps of Hilton Head, Daufuskie and Bluffton
  • Resources for Hilton Head Rentals and real estate

Please contact one of our REALTORS at (843)785-7111 or one of our rental agents at (843)785-2242.  Thank you.

Reason’s to Buy This Summer on Hilton Head Island

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This summBeach towel shoter when you are at the beach, go BUY some Hilton Head Real Estate.  Here’s why.  Sales are up 12.9% over last year and because we live on an Island, inventories cannot keep up with this growth in sales.  Listed below are both logical and emotional reasons to buy real estate this summer in the Hilton Head Area.  We have something for everyone in all price ranges, but our recommendation is “Don’t take a chance on time!”

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5 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas to Brighten Your Home

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Summer is the perfect season for spending warm evenings outside, hosting get-togethers with friends, and enjoying the longer days. What better way to take advantage of the long days and abundant natural light than in your own home?

Here are 5 simple summer home décor tips that can instantly brighten and transform your living spaces.

a neutral kitchen with fruit on the center island1. Add Splashes of Bright Colors

Make a neutral room visually interesting by adding small, colorful details.

Try placing a bright flower arrangement on the coffee table, putting eye-catching throw pillows on the couch, or setting a bowl of oranges and bananas on the kitchen counter.

2. Swap Out Dark Furniture for White

Brown or black couches, tables, and other furnishings can make a room seem darker — and smaller. Open up your living spaces by adding white furniture. If you have curtains on your windows, consider replacing them with lighter sheer coverings to let in more natural light.

a dining room table with blue placemats3. Create a Stunning Table Settings

If you’re hosting a get-together at your home this summer, impress your guests with bright, summery place settings.

Consider placing brightly colored plates or napkins on the table, then adding a matching vase filled with fresh flowers or votives filled with unscented candles.

4. Bring Summer Blossoms Indoors

There’s no better way to welcome summer into your home than by bringing in freshly picked flowers. Place vibrant bouquets throughout your home, including end tables in the bedrooms or in the middle of a shelf, for a fresh look and pleasant smell.

a new welcome mat and open front door5. Set Out a New Welcome Mat

Setting a new doormat, or one that has a bright, summery theme, outside your front door is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home.

Helpful tip for home sellers: A new, clean welcome mat also creates a great first impression for potential home buyers.

Thinking of Selling Your Home? We Have You Covered

The goal of preparing your home for sale is to focus on the décor that will brighten your home and make the best use of space. These summer home decorating ideas are a great place to start.

If you are planning to sell your home this summer, we have even more tips that can help you get your home ready, as well as home selling resources that can allow you to sell for more money and as quickly as possible. Call us and let’s take the next steps.

61 Dune Lane – Oceanfront Vacation Elegance

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61 Dune Lane, Oceanfront Vacation Elegance 

61 Dune Lane is a privately gated oceanfront home on Hilton Head Island.   Extensively renovated, 61 Dune Lane offers 5 bedrooms with en suite baths, upstairs loft with full bath, built in media center with wine chiller, chef’s kitchen, open floor-plan, widows walk, elevator, laundry room, covered patio, two master suites and a private oceanfront pool and spa.  Now offered for weekly rentals by Hilton Head Properties Realty and Rentals, please email us today to check on occupancy and rate.

Located in North Forest Beach

Forest Beach on Hilton Head Island in one of the oldest and most established communities in the area. This neighborhood offers convenience to shopping and dining just down the beach from 61 Dune Lane.  Take a tour of Coligny and the beach with the short aerial video below.

Don’t Touch the A/C! 7 Tips to Stay Cool and Save Money

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sunglasses laying in a grass fieldIt’s easy to just crank up the air conditioning during the hottest months of summer. Sure, the energy bill may be higher, but it’s worth the extra expense to keep your home cool — right? Or are there any sure-fire ways to save money and stay cool indoors?

Before you reach for the thermostat, try these DIY energy-saving tips to keep your home comfortable and keep you from breaking the bank.

1. Raise the A/C Temperature — Yes, Really

It’s better to keep the air conditioning down, but if you want to keep it on, raise the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. When you’re at home (or have buyers viewing your home), set the thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 Celsius). When you’re away, set the thermostat to 85 Fahrenheit (29 Celsius).

The trick is to find the temperature that’s comfortable, not too cold or too hot. This is crucial if you’re selling your during the summer. No buyer wants to step inside and still be sweating during a showing!

2. Wash Dishes and Do Laundry at Night

You’ll want to avoid using as many heat-generating appliances or lights as you can during the summer. Use your dishwasher, dryer, or oven only during the coolest parts of the day, either in the early morning or evening. You can even air-dry your dishes and use the stove or microwave instead of the oven.

3. Unplug Electronics When You’re Not Using Them

Did you know your appliances still use power when plugged in, even if they’re turned off? One way to reduce your energy bill during the summer is by unplugging anything that you’re not using.

4. Close the Blinds During the Day

living room with couch and sheer curtainsA little bit of sun can make a huge difference in your home’s indoor temperature. Cut down on the sunlight streaming in through your windows (east- and west-facing windows in particular) by closing the blinds and curtains and replacing heavier curtains with sheer ones.

During summer home showings, however, you still want to let in a little natural light to brighten up your home. Make it count.

5. Turn the Fans On

If your home has ceiling fans, use them. According to the US Department of Energy, using a ceiling fan will let you raise the thermostat by 4 degrees Fahrenheit without changing how comfortable your home feels indoors.

6. Replace Your Incandescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs give off a lot of heat compared with compact fluorescent lights and LED bulbs. A small but effective way to keep your home comfortable (and save some money in the process) is to replace any incandescent bulbs with more energy-efficient ones.

7. Find the Gaps and Close Them

How well is your home insulated? Is any heat getting in from a leaky door or window? Seal any cracks with caulk or weatherstripping to keep the cool air inside.

“Summerize” Your Home for Showings

staged and decluttered living roomWhen you’re selling your home during the summer, remember that home showings are all about brightening your home and making it look and feel comfortable. You don’t have to crank up the A/C for home buyers during a showing. You can use these energy-saving tips to make it cooler indoors without having to pay those higher energy bills.

We have plenty of other tips to help you sell your home. Call us and let’s talk.

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