Located 70 miles off our coast is the gulf stream, Hilton Head’s guardian angel.  Storms in the past that have hit the gulfstream get bumped north and because Hilton Head is in the cove of the coast it has missed us.  The gulf stream also keeps Hilton Head temperatures warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The Gulf Stream and Weather on Hilton Head

The subtropical climate of South Carolina arises from the combination of the state’s relatively low latitude, its generally low elevation, the proximity of the warm Gulf Stream in the Atlantic, and the Appalachian Mountains, which in winter help to screen out cold air from the interior of the United States.

The Gulf Stream Bumps Hurricanes Out to Sea

Hilton Head has big trees and older buildings which is a good sign that storms in the past have missed us.  In comparison, some areas have no trees and newer buildings which is a sure sign.  It is our hope that the gulf stream pushes all storms out to sea, but because Hilton Head is tucked into the cove of the coastal United States, storms tend to get pushed north by our beloved gulf stream.

The Gulf Stream

About the only disadvantage in being so far from the gulf stream is deep sea fishing fans have a longer boat ride.  The benefits include great weather in the Hilton Head Area and some comfort that storms may be turned out to sea by  the gulf stream.   Please visit our website at wwwHiltonHeadRealEstateNews.com or call us anytime at (843)785-7111 for more information about our area.  Thank You