Tad SegarsHilton Head Island real estate   offers cycles.  There is a time to buy and a time to sell and based on   my 28 years of experience  and expertise a land buying cycle is upon us.    I know the cycles…let me explain.

On July 15, 2013 I e-mailed my friend   Sam, who also works with Hilton Head Properties, with my intent to send out   an e-blast in July 2013, referring to lots selling. Well, this was put aside   and did not make my subject list because timing was just a bit too early. I   found these e-mails in a stack of papers on my desk, read them, and said,   ” Now is the time to buy land on the Island!”

The reason it did not go out was it was all but impossible to get financing, so it was not a liquid investment.  I knew this would change, and probably soon. Evidence of this was you could put a house on a lot and the value of the land shoots up because financing was readily available.   But land by itself just sat on the market without financing.  Fast forward to today and financing is now available for land purchases.  What does this mean?

 Buyers can now purchase land at   historically low values.  Land prices have dropped to   “compelling” as a result of home selling during the recession for   less than the replacement cost of the bricks and mortar.  Now as home   values increase or are restored to value on the Island and inventories have   started decreasing purchasers are once again looking at land.  And there   is simply not enough to go around.  Most everything has gotten run back   up from the bottom of the crash (stocks, homes, condos, etc), but there are   still deals to be had in land. That’s my story and I’m sticking to   it…”

IT IS NOT TOO LATE! Banks have   started lending on vacant lot’s again and lot’s are selling. Supply is falling and demand is rising. I estimate 50% of our lot inventory is OLD   Inventory and Unbelievable Prices – 40% to 60% off of their highs.

Land has historically produced   amazing returns on these leveraged investments. Land is easy to maintain and offers options including hold, trade, sell or build. However, many customers   buy land NOW to build what they want in the future, trade for a villa, or at some point in the future sell land to buy what they want. They get a foot in the door the easy way.  The early bird get the worms so I hope you will   call or e-mail me soon. Listed are only a few best buys. Why?

E-mail or call me and I will share with you – numbers do not lie. Looking forward to hearing from you and   seeing you soon.

“Buy land, they are not  making anymore…especially on an Island that is 97% developed.” – Tad  Segars

MLS: 323602    List Price: $149,750

Description: Location! 6th Row! Baby steps away from beach! Listen to the waves lapping the sugar sand & smell the salt air. Price is The Best Buy! Shop the rest. New homes all around. Private street, yet short walk to beach, tennis, park, dining, & world class Westin Resort. Freedom! No HOA, yet million dollar neighborhood! This location was valued at $575,000 in 2005, unbelievable buy!

MLS: 314010  List Price: $229,900

Description: Ocean Oriented! Walk or bike to beach. Enjoy the convenience of central island location and quick access to Chaplin Park amenities (tennis, soccer fields, dog park, etc.) Corner lot.

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