Hilton Head Island’s Soft Landing

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The other day, we had two clients from Florida looking at property on Hilton Head Island.  Both buyers commented that  “we really don’t have a recession on Hilton Head Island”.  The cause and effect of media of course washes across the land and colors all areas the same, so we listed the reasons why Hilton Head’s Recession is not the same.  Hilton Head Island is in for a softer landing because of these reasons. Read the rest of this entry

Half Backs on Hilton Head Island

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As a teenager, I visited the Island in 70’s with my family. We all fell in love with the charm of the Island and one by one we all moved our families here.  Visitors just like my family are doing the same thing.  They have been visiting the Island for vacation and are returning to the Island when they are ready for a change in lifestyle.  It is familiar and comfortable.  These visitors are creating market trends that are fairly predictable which include Half Backs, Be Backs, Boomers and the upcoming Generations X & Y. Read the rest of this entry

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