Hilton Head Real Estate Market ~ Is perception reality for sellers?

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Property owners today get easily confused with all the information that is readily available. Sellers of real estate get tons of mail, have all the information at their fingertips, but when it comes time to making a decision, they tend to base their decision on perception rather than reality. Read the rest of this entry

What is a POA fee on Hilton Head Island?

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If you drive through a security gate on Hilton Head Island, chances are there is an annual POA fee for this community.  POA stands for Property Owners Association which is a group of owners that oversee the roads, the security, the common area maintenance, the insurance, the lighting and landscaping in these common areas.  Some of these communities also include golf, tennis, marinas and other amenities.  Listed below is a list of these communities and the costs associated with ownership and purchase. Read the rest of this entry

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