Sea Turtles Nesting on Hilton Head Island 2020-2021

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These incredibles Sea Turtles are returning to the Island after leaving the Island as hatchlings almost 25 years ago. If you would like to adopt a nest, the cost is $25.00 and you will be able to follow your nest with updates from from Andrea Siebold(see below). Hilton Head Properties this year will adopt a nest for every new buyer that works with us this year! Click here to adopt your own nest. To start shopping for your very own nest on the Island click Hilton Head Properties!

“Take care of our world.”

~ Miss Andrea Siebold

April 26, 2021

Dear Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Friends,

Dear Sea Turtle Nest Adopters,

Let me introduce you to our “Man On The Beach”, my husband, Steve.  He is out on the beach at sunrise most every morning and has some wonderful interaction with both the Sea Turtle Patrol (those folks permitted by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to both monitor and protect our precious mommas and nests) and the opportunity to photograph his adventures for us to enjoy!

May 1st is the “official” opening of Sea Turtle Nesting Season (right around the corner!!).   It won’t be long now until you find out when “your” momma came on shore to nest!  I will email you right away when that happens!!

Last year, our Man on the Beach had the great fortune of starting his morning sunrise journey with a momma ashore nesting right on the dunes by our home!  He had a chance to film it and you can see those videos here:


You have as much a chance of seeing a momma come ashore to nest (they are notoriously shy) as being struck by lightning! 

Remember, these animals are an endangered species and federal law prohibits anyone, but the folks licensed by South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, to interfere or handle them in any way.   So, if you are lucky enough to be on the beach during the late evening or early morning hours and see such an amazing thing, be sure to stay behind her and out of sight!  Our MOTB had a very long zoom lens and was way out of her eye range when this video was shot.

More in the coming weeks!  In the meantime enjoy this sunset view over the water taken from the dock of Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks……..



Terri Johnson

Sea Turtle Nest Adoption Coordinator

Coastal Discovery Museum



November 6, 2020

The beach is empty – the tourists and the sea turtles have departed.  The 2020 hatching season has ended.   We had a great season!

291 Nests

33,379 eggs
25,390 hatched eggs

55.5 days average incubation duration

114.8 eggs average per nest

95.8% nest success

Thank you for sharing the sea turtle journey with us in 2020 – your interest and enthusiasm have been inspiring!  You are wonderful ambassadors to help save the sea turtles and our environment.

Our adopters came from almost every state in the US plus some providences in Canada.  You are all awesome!  This year’s adopters include:

  • Children and adults receiving birthday gift nests.
  • Couples anniversary gifts and new brides and grooms around the country becoming adoptive sea turtle parents.
  • Lost loved ones near and far honored with dedicated memorial nests.
  • Friends who travel around the world – and shared their experiences with us.
  • Book Groups
  • Mother and fathers who adopt for family members around the country so they can compare their nest success stats at the end of the season.
  • Grandparents who share in the joy of sea turtles with their grandchildren and continue the tradition of environmental stewardship and appreciation.
  • Realtors who adopt for their clients to share the lovely sentiment:

“Like the Sea Turtles that return to the island, it is our hope that will return to the Island again.” 

  • Plus countless others.

To our local sea turtle lovers, we say thanks – the amazing Sea Turtle Patrol who does the “heavy lifting” every morning starting at 5:00 am, the Turtle Trackers who help clean up the beach in the evenings, the beach walkers who share their joy and pictures of mothers or hatchling sightings.

Special thank you to our Man On The Beach (my husband, Steve).  He will be our eyes and ears for the 2021 season, therefore make sure you adopt for 2021 so you can follow along on his early morning adventures!

Thank you to the Coastal Discovery Museum staff who prepares and mails all of the certificates and shirts and who teach and inspire endless classes of school children, visitors, and locals.

A special thanks to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources who graciously provides us with the exciting details of each nest hatch.

A final thank you to our lovely Miss Andrea Siebold, who has shouldered the responsibility of keeping all adopters up to date and informed in her educational, entertaining way for the past 12 years.  I am humbled and blessed to follow in her footsteps and look forward to new educational, entertaining journeys with our amazing returning adopters and those new to the HHI sea turtle nest adopting experience.

The 2021 nest adoption form is on the museum website, plus I’ve included the form with this email.  Adoptions are already underway for next year so don’t delay to make sure you get the whole experience from the first momma sighting (around the end of April) to the last nest hatch (usually beginning of October)!

Because of our current pandemic situation, the Holiday Market at the Museum has been canceled, therefore I will be at the Farmers Market at the Museum on Tuesday, November 24 from 9 am to – 1 pm.  Come over and say Hi!

With thanks until next season –


Terri Johnson

Sea Turtle Nest Adoption Coordinator

Coastal Discovery Museum



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Lights Out Please for Hilton Head Sea Turtles

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Meet Amber Kuehn, Hilton Head Island’s awesome Sea Turtle Protection Manager.  Amber monitors the sea turtle nest along the Island’s 14 miles of beach for these federally threatened species.  Starting May 1 and ending October 31, Amber is busy making sure these nests, the baby sea turtles and their moms are safe and protected.  One of the biggest ways visitors and oceanfront owners can help is to turn off the lights on the oceanfront from 10 pm – 6 am. Read the rest of this entry

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