Hilton Head Island, SC ~ How to find the Perfect Property!

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What every Hilton Head Buyer Should do…

  1. Call Your Realtor or contact us and let us set you up on a FREE MLS Link.  This link will email automatically new listings and price adjustments in real time as they hit the market.  The best properties do not stay on the market long.
  2. Call a lender and get pre-approved or get a proof of funds from your bank so you will be ready to go when you see the perfect property.  Pre-approvals and Cash talks and beat offers that have financing contingencies
  3. Ask your realtor to send you a sample-contract so you can be familiar with the addendums and the contract.  Ask them to include a property inspection addendum, a HUD estimate, a buyer-agency and a sample-disclosure.

When a property POPS, Call your Hilton Head REALTOR

Call YOUR realtor if you see a great property on your MLS LINK(here is a copy of my MLS Link for short sale homes).  Do not email them, do not wait for tomorrow.  If it is a great property that has captured your attention, chances are it will capture other buyers attention too.  Jane and I will go see it, get you the information and give you an opinion of the property.

Time to negotiate the perfect property on Hilton Head Island 

There are trends in every real estate market. These market trends can help us negotiate once you find the perfect property.  It is our goal to help you win the bid and get the property and these trends are helpful in determining the best strategy.  Call on us anytime to review the Market Trends and help with negotiations.

HUD-1 Write-Offs for Hilton Head Buyers and Sellers

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Every year we  send out closing statements to our clients that bought and sold with us the previous year.  We provide this service so that our clients do not have to dig through their closing papers in preparing their tax returns and it saves time as they don’t have to call us.   These closing statements or HUD – 1’s offer possible write offs that sellers and buyers should investigate.

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