If you have Air Conditioning problems, be advised!


After December 31, 2009, new conditioning units and those requiring repairs to any part of the cooling function components(evaporator coils or compressors) will no longer be allowed to use the standard refrigerant fluid, R22. Instead, a new material, 410A, must be utilized. This replacement substance operates at a higher compression rate and temperature than the old standard R22 material and this has caused and the need for an expansion valve to be added to compensate for this characteristic on existing units which previously operated with that old coolant.

We are hearing from a number of homeowners and realtors they are being told by some HVAC companies that they can not work on their existing units at all after 12/31/09 and the whole system has to be replaced where those components described above may require repair / replacement.

This is simply not true and appears to be a sales pitch to oversell unnecessary products in an otherwise slow market for HVAC activity while building activity is off.  As a repair item and one of the aspects licensed home inspectors emphasize their focus on, this has been a “deal killer” according to some of the realtors who have contacted us about this new regulation.

The cost differential could be enormous and we hope this saves you money and your deal.

From an Island that loves AC,

Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers