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September 1, 2013

Dear Clients, Friends and Associates~

Last month we published and mailed the first edition, “It’s All About Home” to 9,500 clients interested in Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, Wexford, Long Cove, Palmetto Hall, Shipyard, Folly Field, Singleton Beach and Port Royal.  This is the first of its kind and we are excited about this new marketing program.

The Principles of Hilton Head Properties are seasoned real estate professionals in the Hilton Head Area Real Estate Market and know how to get a property sold. Marketing is the big reason a property sits or sells.  Hilton Head Properties marketing will not follow others, but will lead them.

The Hilton Head Area Market is highly competitive for sellers. There are newer properties off Island and lower priced new listings entering the market every day.  In the last 12 months, many sellers were unable to sell their properties. Pro-Active marketing is the difference between hoping or making it happen.

Hilton Head Properties listings are in every mailbox and on every web page.  Our convenient Island location is fabulous and on line our properties have high resolution photography, detailed descriptions, and diligence materials for buyers searching almost any real estate website.  In fact, we are now published in 19 languages with 30 different currencies. Even then, we will not wait for our buyers to find us and every week we send our properties to over 7,000 buyers with updates on the Island via electronic email.

Our goal is to provide great marketing for our seller clients and separate them from the others.  We hope you enjoy the first edition of “It’s All About Home”.  We would love to know what you think and invite your inquiries.  Thank you.
All of Our Best,

Hilton Head Properties

Robbie, Jane, Tad, Steve, Sam, Amanda, John &  Cheryl

P.S.  ~ This is not a solicitation to property owners that are listed with others.

Hilton Head Properties