What’s the weather like on Hilton Head Island?

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One of the most common questions about Hilton Head Island is the year round weather. This short video covers the three seasons of weather for Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. With all the seasons, but shorter winters, Hilton Head Island is subtropical and averages over 200 days of sunshine.  We invite you to visit Hilton Head this fall or winter and experience it for yourself.  You may never leave and therefore we suggest you looking at these awesome properties!

The weather is beautiful, wish you were here!

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Last weekend was a lovely on Hilton Head Island.  If you were wondering,  Hilton Head Island experienced sunshine and normal summer weather this past weekend in the wake of Irene.   Hilton Head offers a unique location that sits back in the cove of the coastal United States and is 80-90 miles from the gulf stream which fuels these Hurricanes and often turns them north.

We hope and pray for the 2.4 million people that were evacuated from their homes and the more than 4 million home owners that lost power up north last week.

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