The Hilton Head “Tree Story”

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Have you ever heard the Hilton Head Tree story? If you have never been to the Island or never heard the story it goes something like this: On Hilton Head Island we have protected our trees way before development really cranked up. Our century old live oaks, palmettos, magnolias, pines and all the other trees are considered one of the town’s most valuable assets.  Hilton Head Island put in place a plan, after all, they are our breathing buddies!

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Free Hilton Head Photo Library

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We are always looking for great photos to help market and promote Hilton Head  and our properties.  Therefore we would like to start a free Hilton Head Photo Library.  These photos can include the beach, sunset, a restaurant, a sunset, a time of day, a marina, a school, the airport, a front gate, trees, dolphin or anything that is appropriate for promoting the Hilton Head Area.  If you have a great photo of Hilton Head Island that you own and would like to donate to our library, please email us the photo to  These photos will be shared with other Realtors, our clients and our friends.  It is our hope that this library helps us sell the Hilton Head Island Lifestyle and agents will use these photos to promote their properties.  Thank You.

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