How to rent your Hilton Head Vacation Property

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Whether you are just beginning your vacation property rental program or if you want to boost your rental income, we have photographers, cleaning companies, rental companies, free websites, fee websites and ways to get your Hilton Head Property into the short term rental market.  You can make your rental home hassle free or you can run it like a business, either way this step by step guide will help you crank up the rentals on your Hilton Head vacation property. Read the rest of this entry


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The Medicare Tax is a 3.8% tax that goes into effect January 1, 2013 and it does not apply to all Hilton Head owners.  Only “high income” owners with Adjusted Gross Incomes(AGI) of more than $200,000 for individuals or more than $250,000 for married couples will have to deal with this new tax. As well, it does not apply to principle residences under $500,000 held jointly or $250,000 for a single.  We suggest checking with your financial counselors to see if it is beneficial to sell before this new tax is put into place.  The reason it is called a Medicare Tax is that this money will be allocated to the Medicare Trust Fund that is part of the Social Security System.

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Rules for buying short sales on Hilton Head

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We have used everything including facts, humor, time lines, fast talking, slow talking, explaining the rules up front and for some reason nothing has worked, yet!  The next time we have a buyer for a short sale we are going to have them take this test.  The results will reveal their tolerance for patience and we than will know what is expected of us.   In order to add some humor to these challenging sales we have noted a few rules below.

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Need to sell an inherited house in Italy or find a flat in NYC?

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Jane and I can now help with any move anywhere!  Our trusted network can help you find a Realtor that can help you buy or sell anywhere in the world.  The problem with just finding someone on the Internet or looking in the yellow pages is that you never know what your going to get.  I tried to do this once when a friend had a brownstone in New York City that they wanted to sell.  I went on line and called a few recommended Realtors but could not find someone that I could trust.  With our relocation network, you simply contact me and I will locate a qualified trusted Realtor. Read the rest of this entry

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