We are starting our open houses at the end of February at 121 Dune Lane and our homes at Palmetto Hall…..  The open house setting is usually more relaxed for the prospective buyer and a lot less threatening.  It also gives a buyer the chance to see, feel and experience the home without tying up a sales person time.  I have personally made several sales from these open houses and believe they provide the exposure you need to sell your property.  Just recently a home sold on the Island from an open house to a couple down the street that wanted a larger home. So even the neighbors become prospects and promoters.  As well, we will be offering a $1,000.00 closing cost coupon to these prospects if they purchase one of our properties from an open house.  These coupons are good for two weeks after the open house and help us create a sense of urgency.  By the way, they are paid for from our earned commission at closing :).