Dear Property Owners:

If you want to have a free assessment of your property, our 15 point review can provide great insight.  Whether thinking of selling or just want an honest opinion, send us an email and we will complete a quick report including the information below.

This will be a simple exploratory report that gives you a “snapshot” of your property and the surrounding properties.  We will give you some honest feedback on the condition, the properties around it and what is happening in the neighborhood. 

After walking through your property, we will send you feedback including:

1.       The First Impression:

2.       Landscaping(front and back)

3.       Paint(interior/exterior)’

4.       Furnishings

5.       Layout of Interior

6.       Condition inside:

7.       Ease of Access:

8.       Condition outside:

9.       Best Selling Feature/Secondary Selling Feature:

10.       Biggest Objection/Secondary Objection:

11.       Improvement Ideas/Staging Ideas:

12.       Pre-Inspection requirement?

13.       Neighboring Properties        

14.       Areas that need attention

15.       Financing Availability

We hope this is helpful to you.  This report will not include pricing and listing information.  Upon completion of our preliminary study, a pricing and listing study may be completed upon request.  Thank  you.


All the best,

Robbie Bunting