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The internet is many things but there are still many things it is not.  I had one seller tell me “the one thing I would not take off the table is the buyer, seller, realtor relationship (despite the internet).  That is, you have a seller with something distinctive and a buyer with distinctive wants; if you can see the match a sale happens.  The web site does not easily accommodate that.”  I call this the interNOT factor.  Simply said, the internet is a great way to research, but at the end of the day the internet falls short in allowing us to feel, see and experience the community or property.   It does not summarize or overcome objections, it simply loads us up with information and choices.


Knowing what the internet is and what it is not, helps us as we continue to provide new services to our sellers and buyers.  Our websites are reporting hundreds of visitors per week as buyers click and pick their perfect properties.  We are spending a large amount of time and money driving traffic to our websites.  Last week alone, we put our new blog in front of over 15,000 prospects and our blog was most recently in the Blog Section of the CNN article Hilton Head by water a marina by marina guide.  In addition,  our company spent over $100,000 last year on a new website that is now capturing buyers!  While we do our best to provide virtual tours, photos, helpful descriptions and useful facts we never know where a buyer will find us!


When a buyer or seller searches real estate on the web we never know where they will land.   Therefore it is our goal to have as many websites as possible.  These websites are similar to having billboards or for sale signs located all over the world.  Although our websites are worldwide, we go out globally to 38 countries with just one of these websites. We post our properties on 39+ of these which reach world wide!  With a population of only 35,000, these websites have the advantage of reaching “critical mass” for our Hilton Head Island Properties.


Below are just a few of the national and international web sites we have our properties shown on everyday: website-logos-2

So go ahead…click and pick!   We are here if you have any questions or want to see, feel and experience this community and property in real life.   Thank you.


All the best…


Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers
Realtor ~ Associate Broker
Hilton Head Island,  SC
Via Phone             800-932-3652 ~ 842-0805

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The internet has changed my business, has it changed yours?  Buyers now surf the web looking for the right property instead of walking through doors.  However, when a buyers finally walk through the door they are more qualified and knowledgeable than ever before.  It used to take us days, weeks and sometimes years to find the perfect property for our buyers.  Today more time is spent clicking through properties on the internet and less time walking into them which speeds up process.