It is my belief that we will all look back on this year and say that 2009 was the best year to buy real estate.  With housing affordability reaching record levels and pending home sales rising in the southeast by 8 ½ percent the time to buy property has never been so rewarding.


Does it get any better?  We think so.  We recently completed a few transactions for our clients that were amazing.  Although they had hoped to sell for more, they were realistic and realized the purchase of their dream saving over $150,000! 

They sold their home for less than they hoped for:                       

   $525,000.00 Purchase price                                           

+$100,000.00 in improvements

  $625,000.00 Basis                                                            

  $565,000.00 Selling Price           

  $  60,000.00 less than the HOPED for BUT…               


They Purchased their Dream Property  for:

  $899,000.00 Replacement Property                            

 -$699,000.00 Purchase Price                                          

  $200,000.00 SAVINGS                                                    

-$  60,000.00 From above cost to sell     

  $ 140,000.00 Total Savings                                       


Moving up is taking place all over the Island as one couple sells their present property to buy a foreclosure or a market bargain.   You have this present opportunity in your favor and we would love to show you how you can save money in this market.  By the way, given the historic low interest rates, payments are lower than ever before. 


Are you interested in seeing if this can work for you?  Give us a call or shoot us an email.  We know what you are looking for and have some real estate deals and steals that you will absolutely love.  Who says you cannot have your cake and eat it too!

Thank you,

Robbie Bunting