Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~

A friend once said, if you want to dance you must pay the fiddler.  Although these costs associated with owning paradise, the time you spend with family and each other on the beach or together does not have a price tag.

We asked Cary Griffin of McNair Law Firm to give us a better understanding of closing costs as a buyer, seller or fellow associate.  Cary also put together a reference guide for the costs associated with each community.  Please keep in mind that the transfer fees can be negotiated by the buyer, the seller or split equally.  The closing costs in the links below are all based on a $100,000 average.  If you have a more expensive property, you can  remove the constants and use a multiplier to determine an approximation to your closing costs.  Here is a quick summary:

Click below for Closing Cost Estimates for each:

*Please note loan fees and prepaid items will add additional closing costs.       

If you have any questions as you review these closing documents, please feel free to contact Cary Griffin at CGriffin@MCNAIR.NET .  Cary has also provided a handy list of transfer fees and plantation dues below.  Simply click on the underlined link for a readable (and printable) list of these fees:

Plantation annual costs and transfer fees:

                                       Plantation Dues & Transfer Fees 2009

 Please do not take a chance on time…the costs are low for what you get.  Come dance on the beach and enjoy life now! 

All the best,

Robbie Bunting &
Jane Hyers