Here is the latest on our property taxes from my friend and accountant Bob Arundell.  If you wish to contact him or ask him a question, Bob can be reached at (843)785-8040 or his email is


A lot of people came away from a recent article about an adjustment to the School District’s tax mill rate with the idea that their tax bill, when compared to last year’s tax bill, was going up.  THAT IS NOT CORRECT.

The complexity and nuances of public education funding makes it real easy for the average person to arrive at an erroneous conclusion.

I did a presentation to the Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Committee and used a hand-out that I thought you might find useful.  It explains what really happened and why, on average, your taxes did not go up. Click on the underlined link to read more: BCSD – Tale of Two Taxes

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Bob Arundell