Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

I love the old qoute from President Kennedy…”ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”.  You and I must do our part.  Face it, real estate is bigger than the auto industry, bigger than banking and we can turn it around by working together.  If you are a client, seller, buyer or fellow agent there are a few things we can do for our Country and Hilton Head Island!

For my clients on Hilton Head(and everywhere):  

You hold one of the keys to recovery.  You can help turn this economy around simply by cutting and pasting the next two paragraphs and e-mailing them to 100 names in your contact list.  By adding more buyers into our market, things will move faster.  We need for you to push this along and send them this message. 

Act now….Buy Hilton Head Real Estate!

“This is the very best of times to buy real estate in Hilton Head. There is literally NO REASON to hold off anymore. Neither the pricing or the rates are going to improve. The thing that will improve is attitudes, and when they do, the pricing will be gone! The rates(and inventory) are good for another 6 months or so, and then they will be gone too when inflation starts to hit. So if you are hesitant……let me tell you firmly  that it doesn’t get any better!!     You need to move now and contact my finance and real estate guy on Hilton Head Island.”  said David Crowell of Mortgage Network(a guru of financial strategy)

To get started send Robbie Bunting(My Realtor) an email at .  He will send you a package on all the wonderful real estate opportunities offered on Hilton Head Island.   Simply fill out the Pre Strategy Session worksheet(which can save you thousands in negotiation and fax it back to 1-866-680-1137.)  

For my sellers on Hilton Head Island: 

Stand your ground.  You either want to sell or you want to stay…you cannot do both.  Right now there are buyers that are actively seeking properties, but they will not buy an overpriced listing.  If you are not serious in selling, take your property off the market. 

If you are serious in selling.  My suggestions to sellers includes:

  • Adjust the value(you may need to adjust 5-10% before you see showings or an offer)  BUYERS INTEREST IN AVAILABLE LISTINGS
  • Offer a $5,000 closing allowance for the next 30 days.
  • Spend $5,000 in improvements(call your agent and have them do a walk through with you.  Only “sharp properties are selling”

Doing something is better than taking no action at all.  Do something, better yet do all three!

For my buyers on Hilton Head Island: 

Don’t miss the bottom.  The last 4 recessions were officially announced an average of 522 days (17 months) after they were over.  How are you going to get the best property at the best price?  By making an offer today.

Have you called your realtor recently?  If not, pick up the phone and encourge your REALTOR.  Hearing from you will motivate them and start the process that will help turn this economy around. 

For my Fellow Agents on Hilton Head Island: 

Our country needs you to sell.  Don’t let the economy bring you down.  We need you right now to work harder than you ever have.  You can help turn this economy around.  Your job right now is very important.  So let’s all start encouraging buyers, sellers and fellow agents to take action.  Don’t forget to build the value of  Hilton Head with your buyers…and call your sellers and tell them they are in denial if they have no showings or offers at this time of year.  As salespeople we need to take charge, encourage, use good news, communicate and push harder.

In summary:

Our country and Hilton Head Island need you to get off the fence.  Nothing else can turn this economy around.  You can do it!  We will help.  Thank you.

Live life fully on an Island!


Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

 P.S. The last 4 recessions were officially announced an average of 522 days (17 months) after they were over.