Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

This week we met several Islanders that offer great services on the Island.  Of course if you are looking for great properties please visit  Please feel free to contact the following direct or email us if you have any suggestions.

Montgomery Law Firm 

Hunter Montgomery has helped my wife and I with several of our purchases through the years and started his own practice.  He is a very personable guy and a great real estate attorney.  Attorney fees that Hunter charges are $475 for purchasers and $400.00 for sellers and refinances.  Contact Hunter Montgomery located at 200 Main Street, Suite 201-J by calling (843) 301-5267 / (843) 681-5583 (fax)  or email

Ocean Tides Spa

Sandy Norris at the Ocean Tides Spa is highly recommended.  With a special $75 treatment which can include A Calming Currents Massage, The Tides Stone Massage, or The Dive Deep into the Tissue Massage.  Call Sandy Norris at (843)341-8056 and make an appointment with her.  You will love heading  down to the Oceanfront Hilton in Palmetto Dunes and can even pretend you are on vacation for awhile before and after your massage.  The Hilton has a great beach, wonderful wine bar and a calming presence.  Enjoy.

ForeShore, Property Management and Marketing

If you are thinking of Rental by Owner Services for your Hilton Head Property, contact Brian Tierney (a local)and he will send a welcome package or meet you at your property(or the property you are considering).  His fee is 22% for marketing and cleaning which is very competitive and he starts at 15% if he only promotes the property.  He will get you up and running on VRBO and other internet websites and does a great job.  Brian Tierney can be reached at 843.564.5538 or on his cell at 843.304.9192.  Email him at

Gentle Spray

Ted Brammer did a great job powerwashing my home.  In fact, I now do this every year.  The benefits include looking new again, getting the north side mildew off the home and cleaning up my service yards and driveway.  The fee is reasonable and beats renting or borrowing the equipment and doing it myself(I tried and this and will never do it again!).  Call Ted Brammer at (843)671-2929 or email him at

Full Service Accounting

Janett Morris has done my book keeping for years now and I must say that it has not only saved me money as she reviews my billings, it has also saved me time.  I have taken this time to sell more.  She has 30 years of experience and picks up and delivers payroll and bills.  Call Janett at (843)422-4298 or email her at

We hope that these contacts serve you well.  Please be sure to mention to that you found their contact information on our blog!  Thank you.

From a great Island with great People~


Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers