Dear Palmetto Hall Property Owners and Friends~
Linked below, is the Palmetto Hall Market Report Update.  This report shows the active listings, the current pendings and the sold properties.  Please note the average per square foot for the actives, pendings as this can help determine current market.  Please click below.

          +++Click Here for the Palmetto Hall Report November 2009+++
With the forecast that interest rates may be on the rise in Spring 2010, buyers right now are seizing a timing opportunity for property, price and rates.  Jane and I recently sold #8 Cherry Hill Lane and #18 Lenox Lane.  We are also working on two other home sales in Palmetto Hall.  We currently offer homes located at #17 Stonewall, #19 Ellis, #213 Fort Howell, #378 Fort Howell, and #372 Fort Howell and several Palmetto Hall Lots. Please click on any of the underlined links above to see these exceptional properties.  The time to make your move is now!
 Currently we are enjoying “chamber of commerce” days on the Island with temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, blue skies and spectacular sunsets. Typically real estate sales on the Island are steady until the Holidays and than busy during the Holiday weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  This year however we anticipate steady activity through the season as the time to buy is now.
 We would love it if you would forward this email to a client, friend or family member that has interest in the area.  We have arranged special travel packages+++CLICK HERE+++ at discounted rates around the Island and have a great mini vacation getaway offer.  Jane and I love helping others find their piece of paradise.
 With Gratitude~
Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers
P.S.  +++Click Here+++for Market Trends November 2009 for the entire Island.


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