Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~

The market is getting better every day.  As the market makes the turn, we have properties carried over that did not sell.  These properties include homes, villas and lots around the Island that were quite simply, overpriced.  Some of these properties are now offered as short sales, a few are foreclosures and others are offered by realistic sellers.  The one common factor is they all now offer “final clearance sale pricing and everything must go”!

Listed below are the current foreclosures on Hilton Head Island.

Listed below are the current Short Sales offered on Hilton Head

As we head into the winter months on Hilton Head Island, these final clearance items will sell.  We encourage you to look over the above lists and let us know what sale items capture your attention.  If you would like more information or have a question, simply email us at  Thank you.

From an Island offering final clearance prices,

We are,

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

P.S.  Our sellers understand the market and have priced their properties to sell! +++Click Here for great properties+++ We are proud to offer some of the best locations on the Island!!!