Real Estate is moving again on Hilton Head Island!

We guage our business by our phone.  The phone is ringing again and already this year we have sold 4 properties.  Every indication shows that the pent up demand and consumer confidence will drive the market forward in the first six months on Hilton Head Island. 

Inventory levels will start dropping on Hilton Head by summer!

The market will most likely level off by summer, as we eat through some of this incredible inventory.  We will have difficulty meeting demand in the under $400,000 price point for Hilton Head Island villas and homes by summer.  As the market is building from the bottom up, we expect greater activity in the $400,000-plus market as more homeowners realize the stimulus is for them.  In fact, the high-end luxury market has shown an increase over the last 30 days and we should see these sales steadily climb into 2010. 

The statistics show the market is improving on Hilton Head!

Below are the sales comparisons for 2008 and 2009 for Beaufort County.  Although the year end totals are lower for 2009, it is clearly evident that the market has made the turn based on the last few months of sales and is building momentum.

Sales Statistics for BEAUFORT County South Carolina

Realist’s most recent recording date for this county is 01/05/2010

 Single Family Residences in Beaufort County

Sales Statistics for BEAUFORT County SC
Realist’s most recent recording date for this county is 01/05/2010

Single Family Residence Sales for Beauforty County

Time Period           Number of Sales 
 Nov 2009               229 
 Nov 2008               160 
 Oct 2009                270 
 Oct 2008                266 

 Condominium Sales for Beaufort County
 Time Period          Number of Sales 
 Nov 2009               69 
 Nov 2008               43 
 Oct 2009                56 
 Oct 2008                55 

We see opportunity everywhere on Hilton Head Island. 

My company is selling Real Estate on Hilton Head Island!  With over $10 million per month for the last four months we are building momentum.  There are currently properties offered for sale that are priced significantly less than they were two years ago and are priced below market today.  If you would like to recieve a list of these properties, please email us at .  2010 is all about timing and we look forward to working with you to achieve satisfaction and results.

All the best,

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers