Litmus test…can I get there in a one day drive?

Another client the other day told me he was looking at places far away, but came back to Hilton Head Island because he would use it more.  I am sure there is a point of diminishing return when you factor distance to use.  Of course, it is all relative.  One year I can remember a businessman from the Orient flew to Hilton Head after watching the Heritage Golf tournament on television.  His one day travel is different than yours and mine.

How far is Hilton Head Island from where you live?

Many of my clients hop in  a car and drive to the Island.  Whether flying or driving, either way it takes the entire day.  For example the time it takes my family to drive to Philadelphia is only 3 hours different than the time it takes to fly(and we do not have to spend time renting or returning a rental car).  When you factor in the drive to the Savannah Airport(1 Hour), the required one hour prior arrival to departure time, the layover in Charlotte(1 1/2  Hours), the wait for our connection(1 Hour) and than our flight to Philly(2 Hours) and than the travel to our desination(1 1/2 Hour) we are already at 8 hours if all things go as planned.  For 3 hours more, why would I fly?

So how does Hilton Head Island Measure from where you live?

Atlanta ~ 285
Boston ~ 1025
Charlotte ~ 254
Chicago ~ 954
Cincinnati ~ 663
Indianapolis ~ 771
Jacksonville ~ 175
Knoxville ~ 416
Louisville ~ 657
Nashville ~ 533
New York ~ 867
Philadelphia ~ 720
Raleigh ~ 325
Savannh ~ h 40
Washington ~ 592

The beauty of Hilton Head Island is that you can get to all of this in a day.

Located at the extreme southern tip of South Carolina, Hilton Head Island is the largest barrier island off the Atlantic coast between Long Island and the Bahamas. The island encompasses 42 square miles of subtropical Lowcountry geography, including sea marshes, creeks, lagoons, forests of tall pines, palmettos, magnolias and live oaks. There are 12 miles of broad Atlantic Ocean beaches.  Car access to the island is from I-95 at Hardeeville exit #8. Take U.S. Highway 278 directly to the island. Distance is approximately 18 miles. The nearest major airport is in Savannah (35 miles).

Hilton Head’s Climate is worth the drive

Hilton Head Island temperatures are listed below with low and highs in Fahrenheit and Celsius:

January: 40-59°F/4-15°C
February: 41-61°F/5-16°C
March: 48-68°F/9-20°C
April: 56-76°F/13-24°C
May: 64-83°F/18-28°C
June: 70-87°F/21-31°C
July: 74-89°F/23-32°C
August: 74-89°F/23-32°C
September: 69-85°F/21-29°C
October: 59-77°F/15-25°C
November: 49-69°F/9-20°C
December: 42-61°F/6-16°C

Does Hilton Head Measure up

If you are driving to the Island and visit more times than you can count, it is time to buy a property of your own.  Real estate is cyclical and to be quite frank with you…waiting is simply going to cost you more.  Before or when you arrive, shoot us an email at or search our properties on the web.  We would love to have you drive less and move here!