Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~

We have been tracking the market for two years now by compiling a Monthly Market Trend Report like the one below for May 2010.  This report is exactly what its name implies; it’s an “at a glance” report of current Home, Villa and lot trends for Hilton Head Island. 

This trend tells us where the most robust (busiest) price segments of the market are – i.e. it will tell us where the activity is and where it is not.  It will show us the active number of listings and the sales that occur each month in each pricing segment.  It will give us an actual listing to sale price, the days on the market and the number of months of inventory.

This information is a snapshot of how the market place has performed in the recent past, which is often a good predictor of future market performance.  If you have any questions about this reports, just ask or email us at .  We are very familiar with these reports and will love the opportunity to interpret them for you anytime.

All the best,

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers