Hilton Head Retirees take note

States are wooing retirees with tax breaks.  Considering everything, listed below are the states that tax experts say offer the best deals for residents older than 65:

Georgia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, New York, South Carolina, Delaware  and Louisiana

Hilton Head Island and South Carolina attract the Retirees

South Carolina  ~ Couples age 65 and older can exclude $30,000 in income from the state tax, which is 7% on income above $13,700. Couples under 65 can exclude $6,000 of retirement income from workplace plans such as a 401(k). A widow or widower is entitled to his or her break, in addition to a separate break for any retirement income attributable to the deceased spouse (based on the age of the deceased if he or she were alive). Social Security benefits are excluded from state tax.

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Source: Forbes, Ashlea Ebeling (06/28/2010)