Hilton Head Real Estate markets move quickly

In the last few years, we all have learned that that the Hilton Head Island real estate market can move very quickly from an extreme “Sellers Market” to an extreme “Buyers Market”.  Most markets bounce a little bit from a “Normal Market” right or left, but Hilton Head has bounced big time.  Just two years ago prices were frothy and somehow we overcompensated for this and our prices now seem extremely low.  The important thing to know is that this too will not last forever and normal will return.

Why does the Hilton Head Real Estate market move quickly? 

Real estate is governed by the simple law of suply and demand.  Because Hilton Head is an Island that is 97% developed it offers a  finite resource of developable land.  When you factor in additional buyers(more demand) into this limited market it can change inventory very quickly.  Now imagine the impact  of 950,000 Baby Boomers visiting Hilton Head every year for the next 17 years and its effect on our market.  Keep in mind this group has members turning 60 years old at a rate of 8,000 per day that want to retire in a place that is “warm and wet”.  Sure prices are driving the bus right now and inventories appear to be high, but with a limited supply and an ever growing demand our recommendation is not to wait until your next visit.

Musical chairs is the best way to describe the Hilton Head Real Estate Market

When the economy turns, there will be more buyers than properties, however right now we have some sellers pricing their properties competitively with these Hilton Head Villa and Home foreclosures  and short sales.  The properties that we are selling offer compelling prices with incredible locations and beautiful interiors.  In fact, we have some incredible Hilton Head Properties now and can help you do the  research to  find the perfect property today(all bets are off the longer you wait).  Just e-mail me or call our 24 hour Hilton Head Hotline at 800-932-3652.  We are NOT standing by, because buyers are already forming a line, but we will do our best to save you a seat.