The way you live in a home is different than the way you sell it!

These days marketing strategies are more important than ever for home sellers. With homes on the market in greater numbers and prices at an all time low, sellers need a competitive edge to put themselves ahead of the competition. Staging a home before it goes on the market is essential in making it the best product for potential buyers. Staging a home can range from a few decorative changes to furnishing vacant spaces.  Any attention to enhance a home for the market will improve its selling potential!

Once you find the deal of the century…decorate it!

If you are a new property owner or have a property that needs updating, there are many wonderful savings to be found in home decor and I know where they are!  Not only are sellers benefiting from my staging services, but as a furniture retailer, I can assist new home owners in getting their homes/villas ready for the rental market or for personal use.  Recently, I have seen an increase in business as new purchases are being made and these new owners need assistance getting  their “almost perfect” dream home or villa perfect.

To get the most out of your home for sale or your home for purchase, call me for a free consultation.

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