We are now taking applications for motivated buyers on Hilton Head Island.  If you think you qualify for this position, please take a minute or two and answer the following 10 questions.  Please try to answer these questions as truthfully as possible.  If you have more than 50% true, it is important that you contact a Hilton Head REALTOR as soon as possible.

Test taking Tips

Usually there are more true answers than false on this tests.  There is no guessing penalty, so if unsure, guess true. You have a 50% chance of getting the right answer.  Qualifiers like “Mama, always, trust, every, you and Realtor” mean that the statement must be true all of the time.  Usually these type of qualifiers lead to an answer of true.

Motivated Buyers Exam for Hilton Head Real Estate .  (True or False)Circle one for each question below. 

  1. True/False – Someone(probably Mama) really wants a property on Hilton Head Island.
  2. True/False – You feel strong emotional reasons(every minute of the day) to invest or move to Hilton Head.
  3. True/False – You have a “move in goal” including before the holidays,  before Spring,  before Summer etc.
  4. True/False –You have a specific property or type of property always in mind.
  5. True/False –You have signed a Buyer Agency Agreement with a Realtor.
  6. True/False –You have been pre-qualified for a mortgage or spoken with a lender in the last 30 days
  7. True/False –You have subscribed to an MLS LYNX search by your Realtor
  8. True/False –You have trust in your agent and are willing to buy sight unseen(see #9)
  9. True/False –You are always prepared to jump on a plane(or drive) to see the property after signing a contract “subject to satisfactory on-site inspection within 7 days of acceptance”
  10. True/False –You have family that supports this decision (and can’t wait!)  

Please sign and fax your test back to us at 1-866-680-1137 or email us at robbie@robbiebunting.com  .  Please review the fantastic properties we offer for sale and take the test again if your score is less than 50% True.  Thank you.  Robbie Bunting