Are you a thermostat or a thermometer? 

In case you missed it, The Hilton Head Area Association of Realtors invited us to speak on the topic “Sales Up, Rentals Up, Are you up” with Johnny Ussery.  Together we presented the ways and reasons that we keep ourselves motivated and enthusiastic about selling Hilton Head Real Estate.  I could not believe I was on the same ticket as Johnny Ussery.  Not only is Johnny one of the most inspirational speakers on real estate in the country, his words match his passion perfectly.  He has succesfully coached salespeople in the sell out of many communities.  He inspires and moves agents into the market with a positive expectant attitude even when faced with challenge.  We have had many requests from Realtors that attended or heard about Johnny Usserys presentation and we hope to be forwarding this to you in the very near future.  In the meantime, below are some thoughts we shared:

We are the market!

As Realtors on Hilton Head Island we must come to the reality that we are not in a down market, we are part of the market and the more we can get in the game the more market activity we will see.  Johnny said “Don’t be a thermometer, be a thermostat”  which means we need to pull ourselves and others around into the market in order for it to heat up.  We have the ability to set our own termperature from cold to hot! 

Its Slow today, do you want to play golf?

One sales person that I worked with 20 years ago would come into the office at 8 am, put his feet on the desk, make a few calls, proclaim it was going to be slow today and asked me if I wanted to play golf.  He not only became his own prophet, he taught me a valuable lesson about attitude and the decisions I will make in my real estate career.  How busy I will be is determined by me, not others around me.  Fast forwar into the last few years and there were days that I would arrive at a real estate office and wonder what Holiday I had missed. 

If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up

There are still agents, sellers and buyers out there waiting for the market to change back to the way it was or get “better”.  This denial is not helping the market and in fact this holding it back.  The question becomes “How can we help each other”.  What can you or I do to motivate someone to pick up the phone, make an appointment and buy or sell some real estate.  Even though we are paid on our individual results, real estate is a team sport.  The market cannot be corrected by one agent alone.  We need to work together speaking, mentoring, meeting, coaching or emailing others to get involved in the market.

Are you positive and perky?

You have to make this choice if you are a going to be a salesperson.  Sure the news may be bad, but the good news is, the bad news can be changed into good news when you change how you look at things(attitude).  Its all depends on our individual attitude.

Are you ready for a shift?

  • What do you feed your mind?  Choose Three feet from Gold instead of  The Newspaper.
  • Who do you surround yourself with?  Choose positive people and stay away from negative!
  • What do you feed you body?  A small shift can begin with one of those incredible honey crisp apples!

Think of yourself as an ambassador! 

The other day I was at the grocery store and a friend from a neighborhood asked me how business was.  If you scripted out what you are going to say next time on the phone or at the grocery store, what if you showed an added dose of positive energy to your message?

  • Buyers are demanding great listings and most important great pricing.  You could say  “I am having a tough time grabbing a good property without someone else jumping in.  In fact, the other day I saw this rippin deal in Sea Pines.  Not only was it a pre-approved short sale, it had a paying tenant and was completely up dated with a price less than $300,000.”  or something along these lines.
  • For sellers, they need to know that they will never get more than market price.   You could say, “The market is cooking.  Just yesterday we sold 5 homes, 7 villas and 1 lot.  If you want to get in the game you have to get in the market.”   This actually happened on Monday this week!
  • For fellow agents, “Congratulate them on a recent sale or listing”  Help a new agent learn all about an area.  Offer a shadow program in return for something else.  This market will get busier if we can get more people involved in it.  Remember “we are the market” 

Bottom Line….Make decision and than make a plan.

Nothing happens without a plan.  Sitting waiting for the market to change will not pay the bills.  Make a decision to get into THIS market.  Even if the plan is not perfect, it gives you a course of action to take that will lead you to the next step.  My blog became part of my plan.  I wanted to write articles that went right into the middle of all sellers, buyers and agents and helped pull each and everyone of them off the fence of indecision.  What can you do to move others in this market?  What is your plan?  I would love to hear your ideas.  Please e-mail me at and together lets get this market revved up!