It’s interesting, over 70% of our clients want to drive by or view property on line before they ever go see it in person to check out the location.  Given the current timing and past economic chills, locations have become available on Hilton Head Island once again.  We have listed our guidelines to find the best location below.  Please note timing for great locations will run out as confidence continues to improve. 

Opportunity is when luck and timing collide. 

If you are lucky enough to visit Hilton Head Island this winter you will discover timing opportunities on many locations that have never been available before on Hilton Head Island.  Some of the best locations can be uncovered by:

View the location virtually

  • Bing Map – Just type in the address or street
  • Google Earth – Just type in the address or street
  • Beaufort County Website – type in the address ie “217*Jonesville“.  This site also allows you to use the owners name or tax numbers.
  • MLS Search – You can search the property and a small map will appear showing the location of the property.

Drive By the Location in Person

Although this is a bit more difficult within the gated communities, Hilton Head Real Estate agents are at your beck and call when you are ready to discover locations on Hilton Head Island.  If you have a friend that lives in a community this can always be helpful gaining access.  Some of the property considerations that should be given in regard to location include:look past the physical attributes of the home and focus how its location in the market will affect overall return.

  • Cul de Sac Locations – due their constraint on traffic and implied safety for children, these locations are usually in higher demand than houses on more frequently used roadways
  • Developed or Undeveloped – Future development can change your property’s value for better or for worse.  Often in a newer community as new homes are added, appreciation occurs. 
  • View – Buy the best view your money can buy.  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the be-holder, but the more things that are in your backyard, typically the higher the value.  Typical values from highest to lowest are oceanfront, deepwater, lagoon, golf course, marsh, and wooded view. 
  • On Island or Off Island Locations – Hilton Head Island is even a greater value today with easy access to beach, schools, hospital and airport.  Land Values are typically higher on the Island as a result.  This brings up appreciation which is determined by land value only. 
  • In gated or outside plantation properties – Unless the property is on the perimeter of Hilton Head Island including deep water or oceanfront which offer finite and limited quatities in this area, our pick is the gated properties while they last. 

Locations will not last! 

Take action now and book a trip to Hilton Head Island in December, January or February.  Locations are selling and if you wait until spring, you will pay a higher price for a less desirable location.   Call your Hilton Head REALTOR today.  Before your arrival have your agent set you up with a  free private MLS Link to start getting you familiar with the properties offered and remember location, location, location!