There are two types of Quarter Ownership on Hilton Head Island.  With a rotating quarter, an owner gets 6 two-week ownership periods spread throughout the year plus a single week in January.  Each year the ownership periods adjust so that over a four-year period, each owner has had access to all 52 weeks.  With a fixed quarter, the 13 weeks are back to back depending on which quarter you own (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th).

Hassle free Ownership
The maintenance of the property is done through on-site management, which is controlled by the Property Owner’s Association. All of the bills including utilities, taxes and insurance are paid by the owners in an annua maintenance fee. The management company then pays out the funds as bills come due. This ensures that all bills are paid on a timely basis and eliminates the headache of monthly bills for each owner. In addition, an escrow is collected to replace and repair the exterior and interior, including furnishings, of each unit in order to keep them in top condition.  An on-site rental company is engaged to handle the rental of the units for those owners who are unable to use the full quarter and desire to rent it.

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Quarter properties at Carolina Club in Shipyard

2BR 1st quarter $39,900 MLS 304524 13 weeks
3BR Rotating quarter $59,000 MLS 301600 13 weeks
2BR Rotating eighth $20,000 MLS 305443 6 wks/7th week every other year
3BR Rotating eighth $30,000 MLS 306403 6 wks/7th week every other year

Quarter ownership at Brigantine Quarters in Shipyard

2BR 4th quarter $29,000 MLS 302578 13 weeks

Quarter Ownership at Springwood Villas in Forest Beach

3BR 2nd quarter $41,000 MLS 259997 13 weeks

Quarter Ownership property at Spinnaker at Shipyard in Shipyard

2BR Rotating quarter $28,900 MLS 306174 13 weeks – incl golf/tennis pkg

 Quarterownership at Harbourside III in Shelter Cove

2BR Rotating quarter $69,900 MLS 246991 13 weeks
3BR Rotating quarter $127,900 MLS 238518 13 weeks

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If you are interested in recieving more information or touring one of the properties above, please email us at or call us at (843)842-0805.  We will schedule a review of these properties with the expert John Robinson at our office in Dunes Marketing Group.  Thank You.