As we head into spring and rebound in our local Hilton Head Economy, it may be time to revitalize your buisiness with a new website.  We found a small local website design company that is offering an incredible all in one package including a customized full website design and web-hosting for a total of  $750.  If you are ready to start the easy design process, Hilton Head Internet Graphics offers some innovative design strategies for any business or property.

Here is what you get with your new Hilton Head Website:

  1. Design and build of your website to represent who you are in the market place
  2. Free hosting for the first year. (only $135 for continuous years)
  3. Professional Graphic Design, Photoshop, InDesign, DreamWeaver… not just a “tech” built site, but a Tech/Design site fully customized for your company.
  4. 1 year of changes, updates, and hands on dynamic instruction to help you manage and maintain your website. CMS (Content Management System) It is as easy as MS Word.
  5. The first 20 callers will get ecommerce (a $500 value) for only $200 additional for 20 items to sell on your website!!

Check out Hilton Head Internet Graphics most recent designs

Please take a minute to review our sampling of websites. We will also custom build you a “mock-up” site (or play in the sandbox) for you to see what we can do… for FREE.  These websites were recently designed or are being designed now:

Are you ready for a new look and a new website on Hilton Head?

If you have ideas for a new website design, please contact Hilton Head Internet Graphic designer Betsy Warner by calling (843)341-2051 or emailing any questions or requests to