How do you do Heritage?  Whether its from a boat, from afar, from your house, in a pub, in a  box, or with a fox get ready for the Heritage on Hilton Head! You can watch it here and there and everywhere as all eyes turn to Harbourtown and Hilton Head Island this week.  Listed below are just some of the ways that you can see or listen to the Heritage on Hilton Head Island from anyplace in the world.

You can enjoy the Hilton Head Heritage from your home

If you are planning on enjoying the tournament from your home or car, below are the channels, schedules, links to the leader boards, websites and XM radio:

You can enjoy the Heritage from a Boat or in Harbourtown

If you own a boat or have a friend that has one, one of the favorite things to do is to anchor off the 18th fairway and watch as the golf pros play the finishing hole.  If you are all about the parties, the biggest party night is Saturday night in Harbourtown with lots of fun for everyone.

You can see the Tournament live and in person!

The Heritage is a great place to “see and be seen”.  There is so much going on, it’s easy to get caught up and miss the tournament altogether.  If you  are looking for some of the great spots to watch the tournament you may want to check out the 13th hole, the 17th hole, and the 18th hole.  You will also find other great spots along the famed  Harboutown Golf Links to enjoy the tournament and all the people.

Watch the Heritage at a Sports Bar or at a party!

There are many ways to enjoy this weekend and if you don’t have a ticket or have trouble getting around, there are several great sports bars in the Hilton Head area that will have the tournament on.  Check out the schedules above.  Of course, everywhere you go this weekend on Hilton Head Island you will hear the tournament and feel our excitement.

We hope you have a safe and fun weekend of golf, azaleas, friends and springtime!

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