How do agents use their Hilton Head Hot-sheet?

Everyday Hilton Head Real Estate agents check their hotsheet to find out what is happening in the real estate market.  Some Realtors check their hot sheet daily and others check it more frequently as this hot-sheet is full of useful information for buyers and sellers.  This is where we see the most recent price adjustments, recent sales, closed sales for the day (pendings), properties that have expired, new listings and properties that are back on the market.  This hot-sheet can help us navigate the market with our buyers and sellers.

How can a Hot-sheet help Hilton Head Sellers determine strategy?

A hot-sheet is a snapshot of the market.  It can tells us if  we are in a buyers market or a sellers market. It shows current trends to help agents.   When you look at this Hilton Head Island hot sheet example you will note that there were 2 homes that “pended” that day, 3 new listings were added to the inventory and 10 homes adjusted their value.  As real estate is governed by the simple “Law of Supply and Demand” this tells us that the market was in the buyers favor that day.  In fact, with 10 price changes that day, it shows sellers are finally realizing that they need to go to fair market value to get their property sold.  If you are a seller, you no longer have to wait for the rumor mill.   A seller can stay informed by having their agent set up on a custom hot-sheet (MLS lynx) that shows what is happening daily in your neighborhood with regard to price, sales and inventory in order to stay informed.

Hilton Head  buyers, don’t let the good one get away

If you are a Hilton Head buyer, you should sign up for your very own hot-sheet.  One of the best things you can do right now is to get “linked in” with a Hilton Head Island Realtor to receive your very own version of this hot sheet tailored to your needs.  Your hot-sheet can be set up to email real time information including recent price adjustments and new listings in the areas of interest.  While this market offers very unique and wonderful opportunities your hot sheet will help you catch them all.

How do you get your very own version of the Hilton Head MLS Hotsheet?

Contact your Hilton Head Real Estate agent or Robbie Bunting to set up a MLS LYNX that allows you to receive real estate information as soon as it happens.  You may choose to get this information hourly, daily, weekly or the monthly.  Called a “client gateway” by the Hilton Head MLS and it allows our buyers and sellers to see their very own version of a Hilton Head Hot Sheet and make their next move easier.