Hilton Head Real Estate agents believe that if their buyer clients go home with out signing a contract that they may end up joining the “COULDA CLUB”.  The problem with joining this club is that it is easier to join than it is to quit.  We all have met them through the years talking about the property they “coulda” purchased.  Needless to say, because of interest rates, demographics, selection and prices offered right now there could be quite a few members joining this club in the year ahead.  Only the believers can keep you out of this club.

Demographics won’t change

Can you hear them coming?  They are buying property on Hilton Head Island and you need to get ahead of this group if you want a good property at a great price.  These Baby Boomers are now turning 60 at the rate of 8,000 a day and represent 38% of our total population in this country. The way I see it based on 2.5 million visitors per year to Hilton Head Island, we have over 950,000 of these Baby Boomers visiting the Island per year and about 50,000 of them are turning 60 years old every year for the next 17 years. Our recommendation is to buy now. After all, there are ONLY 808 homes offered for sale on the Island right now and there are not enough seats for everyone.

Interest Rates will change!

A comparison of mortgage rates reveals opportunity. The average 30 year rate in 2006 was around 6.75%. Today our 30 year fixed rate is around 4.5%. This savings is very real and buyers can now afford 30% more than just 4 years ago.  With these historic low rates hopping continuously between 4.5 to 5.25 percent for fixed rate mortgages, lenders now have plenty of money to lend and the desire to lend is back full force.  Stay tuned!

Hilton Head won’t change

Some of the best things will never change.  Hilton Head Island encompasses 42 square miles of subtropical Lowcountry geography, including sea marshes, creeks, lagoons, forests of tall pines, palmettos, magnolias and live oaks. There are 12 miles of broad Atlantic Ocean beaches and a warm relaxed attitude by the residents and visitors.  With more than 250 Hilton Head restaurants, 24 Hilton Head Island golf courses, great stores and outlets you will love exploring every minute of this wonderful Island.

Property Selection will change!

Face it, most of the Hilton Head buyers live somewhere else. With an annual population of only 35,000, Hilton Head’s primary buyer pool exists in it’s 2.5 million annual visitors. There is a fresh batch of visitors that arrive every day, every week, every month and every year that will have impact on our selection. Of course, we want you to know that if you cannot find as nice home as you saw on your last visit, don’t blame us!

Are you a believer too?

With prices down approximately 27% on Hilton Head and interest rates down almost 30% there is no question that we are currently in a buyer cycle.  These cycles occur when the market offers price, selection and financing all at the same time and can dissapear as quickly as they appeared.   Given the Island’s natural beauty, the sub tropical temperatures, the world class amenities, the great shopping, and the wonderful dining we will soon see this opportunity disappear as it has in the past.  Our recommendation to every single buyer or “coulda club” member is to get started right now and join this club by clicking here!  If you would like to see some of the best properties offered on the Island, click here! Check out the upgraded website at www.HiltonHeadRealEstateNews.com