Although some properties today are selling “as-is” usually there is some time frame that Hilton Head sellers will give a buyer to complete a property inspection.    While property inspections cost about $500 dollars depending on the size and type of property, they are well worth this out of pocket cost for the purchaser.  Within a few days the home inspector will send via email photos and detailed information about the property that helps a buyer understand their new property and may identify any areas that may require more review.

How to inspect a short sale or foreclosure on Hilton Head Island that is sold AS-IS!

A purchaser buying as-is property should either inspect the property outside the contract or try to include an inspection contingency that makes the offer contingent within a certain number of days of acceptance to complete an inspection that is satisfactory to them. A wise purchaser should also order and pay for a CL-100(these are not normally paid for by the seller in foreclosures and short sale) within 14 days of purchase. This report will identify wood rot, termite and funghi that a property may or may not have.  Together with both these reports a purchaser will have better working knowledge of what the property offers.

Inspection Addendums on Hilton Head Real Estate

There are a few types of inspection addendums a purchaser may use including:  Robbie Bunting’s Inspection Addendum including Our DMG Inspection, Our Hilton Head MLS Inspection Addendum, or just a simple contingency subject to an inspection noted in the contract. Of course if something pops up on the inspection there are answers and possible remedies available to a purchaser that these contingencies provide.  Purchasers should review the Inspection Addendum to note any issues and a time frame for a response by the seller (if applicable).  Contact your Hilton Head Realtor to explain the benefits of inspections and to help you understand this important part of the contract process.