Some of our short sale sellers on Hilton Head Island have included villa owners, second homes owners on the beach, permanent residences, horse farms and even large estates. These sellers went to a sales price below what they owed in order to get their property sold.  My team than successfully negotiated these short sales with the sellers banks. Through these experiences, we have put together the experts, established the contacts, and gathered the tools to successfully handle short sales on Hilton Head today.  

The best Short Sale Team on Hilton Head Island

We have learned that there is no cookie cutter approach to a short sale and therefore we will work closely with each other to determine the best solution for sellers.

Our Hilton Head Short Sale Team includes:

  • Closing Attorneys that understand Short Sales procedures required by the seller and banks(first and second liens)
  • Negotiators and experts that are only paid if they are successful in obtaining satisfactory settlements for our sellers
  • Investors that have interest in purchasing short sale properties that are heading to foreclosure
  • Lenders that loves short sales and provide financing solutions for short sale purchasers


Why Short Sale a Hilton Head Property?

If a Hilton Head Property Owner is in for the long haul than there really is no reason to short sale a property.  A short sale only makes sense for someone that cannot live their way out of this market and are struggling to live in their home or hold on to their second home on Hilton Head Island. If this is the case, a short sale provides relief to this group of property owners that are upside down or owe more than their property is worth.

My team stands ready to hear about your Hilton Head Property

If you would like to begin research on short sales, I am the Short Sale Manager for this team. After talking with me briefly, I will direct you to the best person from my team that can help you with your needs.  These people live on Hilton Head, have exceptional credentials and can help you sell and close your property if you sincerely wish to get  it done.  They know how to do it as they have helped 100’s achieve success.  Please call me on my direct line at (843)785-7111 or email me at  All inquiries will be considered private and confidential.

If you would like to become an Investor please let us know via email!