I believe short sales are misunderstood and under-marketed.  For some reason the majority of buyers walk in or call us about foreclosures and never ask about short sales.  Seems to me the benefits of the short sale out-weight the faster closing foreclosure in many ways for all involved.  While short sales in the past got a bad rap, when we put a negotiator into place we are now 90% successful on closing our short sales.

Everyone can win with a Short Sale

  1. The banks benefit in short sales as they have sellers living in the property paying the light bills and the bank avoids foreclosure which can ruin properties.
  2. The seller benefits with less credit damage, a place to live in the interim of the closing and the possibility of being forgiven the difference owed to the bank.
  3. The buyers benefit from short sales with a better selection of properties(70% more to choose from), less competition in negotiation and they almost always get properties in better condition than a foreclosure.

Ask us about short sales on Hilton Head Island

Right now, there are currently 26 foreclosures for sale on Hilton Head Island and there are 127 short Sales on Hilton Head.  If you are buyer or seller and would like to learn more about short sales and how you can benefit from them, please send me an email at robbie@robbiebunting.com or call me on my direct line at (843)842-0805.  Thank you.