Listed below are the market trends for Hilton Head Real Estate for the month of August.  This is a snapshot of the activity on Hilton Head and shows the activity at various price points. When sellers are positioned correctly with the big three(condition, location and price) the DOM(days on market) is applicable.  The information below should be factored in when buying or selling in the Hilton Head Area.   If you would like for me to summarize this report simply email me at or call me direct at (843)842-0805.

Most Notable Activity Last Month:

  •  Average listing to selling price noted this month shows pricing offers less negotiation under 1 million dollars for homes and villas(we are getting better at pricing our properties!)
  • Days on the market for the properties that sold increased from July to August(this could be an indicator that bad pricing is now being corrected and we are getting our senior listings sold)
  • Number of sales declined approximately 25% from July to August as season winds down.  It should be noted that the second best best selling season is September, October and November(fall)
  • We saw an increase in activity in the 1 + million dollar homes on Hilton Head Island.

























 The above report helps us watch for trends that can help our buyers and sellers. If you would like for us to summarize this report simply email us at or call me direct at (843)842-0805. This is a good map of where we have been and helps us determine trends. This information is subject to verification by all parties. All our best, Robbie Bunting, Broker Associate  & Jane Hyers, Licensed Assistant