Everyone refers to a condo on Hilton Head Island as a “villa”. It could be a town-home, it could be on the third floor, no matter the shape or size they are all called villas here on Hilton Head Island. Just like our marinas are Harbours, spelled with an “our” and management companies are called regimes, we like to be different.  And a villa sounds good, but what is it really?

By definition all Hilton Head villas should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Own land beneath and around the residence or properties without Land owned beneath structure, i.e. condominiums.
  • Include the Exterior Maintenance of the Structure (i.e. roof or siding) in Regime Fee
  • Have Use of Common Amenities (i.e. pool, tennis, fitness center) and the maintenance thereof is included in Regime Fee for the complex
  • Construction of Private Pool or other exterior amenities by Owner is Prohibited

Still confused between a Condo or Villa on Hilton Head?

If you are unsure what to call it, if it has a community pool and you either share a wall or floor, most likely you are a in a villa on Hilton Head and can breath in and breath out the calm that you don’t have to mow the lawn, weed the garden, clean the pool or worry about the inspection.  Check out the Hilton Head Villas and their location by clicking here! You can call us at (843)842-0805 anytime because we love showing and selling villas on Hilton Head!