It took me 4 years to sell a house.  Let me explain.  This was not just any house, it was my home.  It had my sons feet and hands and even Granma V’s feet and hands pressed into the new concrete drive when it was built in 1998.  It had notches marked into the bookshelf as our boys grew into teens(and some friends too).  Many happy memories were made in this home and we loved it. Even my wifes yoga instructor felt the positive energy.  It was emotional and valuable.

How much did this home cost us?

No value can be put on the memories we got from living there, but the real problem was our emotions overpowered the logical reasons to sell.  We put a renter in the home and she loved it as much as we did which helped offset some of these expenses and even paid us back a little for over the next 3 years.  There just wasn’t anything pushing us to sell it.  So lets go to the bottom line.  After all, this real life example could help others.  Four years ago this home was appraised close to $900,000. Three years ago we priced this home at $749,000 but never put it on the market.  Two years ago we were offered $649,000 by our renter.  Today we are closing for approximately $500,000.

Have you hugged your Real Estate Agent

Lets get back to topic.  Had a call from a client the other day. His son had just listed his home two weeks ago and the listing agent had already called about dropping the value $10,000.   His son told the agent it was a little too early and told the agent he wanted to hold on price.  The agent asked the son to cancel the listing if he was not interested in selling.  My friend called for my advice because his son was upset.  I let my client know that this agent must really be on their game and that his son needed to take his emotion out of the sale.  After all, I just paid a lot to learn this valuable lesson.