How do you like them apples?  The other day an agent called and told me that she felt my value was too high on a property where the stone came up to your elbows in the hallways.  I am sure there was smoke coming out of my ears as I searched for an appropriate answer. Builder friends of mine were charging $150 to $300 per square foot and we were throwing all our homes into the same basket.

No free lunch on Hilton Head Island

You want wood floors~ chi-ching, subzero~chi-ching, big decks~chi-ching, granite~chi-ching, limestone~drive chi-ching..the cost is the same in resale or retail.  If you compare the average price per square foot for the closed properties in Hilton Head Plantation on the golf course in the last 6 months you will see that the values per square foot are not all the same.  This difference usually represents the secondary enhancements the property offers that cost more when they were installed and this value is recognized by the purchaser.