With the sale of every Hilton Head Property, a quarter of one percent transfer fee is paid by the purchaser(typically). This transfer is collected for Beaufort county and paid to the town.  The town of Hilton Head has purchased over 1,170 acres with it and have reduced the potential of 4.37 million square feet of commercial development, 1,365 motel rooms and 4,210 residential and timeshare units on the Island.  As a buyer you will benefit with more open green spaces, more parks and less development, the very reasons why you are buying in the first place.

Have you seen these signs on Hilton Head?

With over 1,170 acres that are now protected by the town of Hilton Head Island, you will walk in beauty. The other day I was out for a run on one of the Towns great bike paths and spotted the most beautiful live oak. This tree was majestic and for a passer by, they may just think it is a forest they had seen, not just one big beautiful tree. A town plaque went up in front of it the other day stating it was town land that was protected. Nice, very nice.

Have you ever enjoyed a festival on Hilton Head Island

The town of Hilton Head Island has purchase properties that are in some of the most beautiful places and put in scenic parks that we enjoy as Islanders and visitors. Some of the parks host festivals and include the Shelter Cove Community Park, Barker Field, The Crossings Park, Bristol Sports Arena, Honey Horn, Coastal Discovery Museum, Chaplin Park and our great beach parks.  The town has also protected our heritage at Green Shell, Ford Shell and Mitchelville.