Cash buyers are heading to the closing table in October.  One of our buyers said it this way, “Real estate represents an asset class that is undervalued, stocks are too volatile and the banks are paying us nothing on our savings, so we might as well do something fun with this money.”   This buyer was our 4th cash buyer in October.  It is our hope this trend continues!


Summary of Octobers Real Estate Sales on Hilton Head Island

Below is a snapshot of the activity on Hilton Head in October with the activity noted at various price points. It should be mentioned that now until the end of the year, negotiation is still available, some of the best properties can be found for sale and the pace is more relaxed.  We even have a special visitor package we have put together for you.  The information below should be factored in when buying or selling in the Hilton Head Area. If you would like for me to summarize this report simply email me or call me direct at (843)842-0805.

  • Homes ~ We pended 56 homes in October. This was up 22% over the previous month.
  • Villas ~ We pended 46 villas in October. No notable change over the previous month
  • Lots ~ There were 6 lots that pended in October.  I believe this group of properties will start moving if we continue to see increases in our home sales
  • For the third month in a row we saw an increase in home and villa sales over a 1 million!
The above report helps us guide our clients on timing opportunities for both purchasers and sellers. If you like for us to review the above report and explain the benefits that may apply to you, email us at or call me direct at (843)785-7111. This is a good map of where we have been and helps us determine trends. This information is subject to verification by all parties. Happy Hilton Head! Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers