Jane and I have recently been flush with cash buyers purchasing homes on Hilton Head Island.  One buyer told me she was getting .90 basis points on her money and figured she might as well buy a house on Hilton Head and put her money to use and at least have fun with it.  Our buyers are tired of the stock market emotional roller coaster and when they have put their money in the bank they are getting practically nothing.  They are finally turning to the one asset class where they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Their mantra is Buy Now, Retire Later.

Great Homes, Great Locations, Great Prices on Hilton Head

We have homes on Hilton Head that are selling for prices below replacement costs.  You simply cannot buy the land, hire a builder and replace the home for the price that they are selling for right now.  This will not be a forever event and even if your timing is a bit off, it makes sense to Buy Now, Retire Later.  This article in Forbes offers ideas for those that want to take advantage of the home opportunities currently offered in locations like Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head Real Estate Market Improves

We all have learned in the last few years that real estate is affected by two major principles, The Law of Supply and Demand and The Law of Cause and Effect.  Times seem to be getting better.  We have seen new listings in the Hilton Head area decrease by 10% and pending sales increase by almost 34%.  This has had the effect of shrinking our “supply”.  The key however for our buyers is to take action when the news is still kind of “iffy” as the media has a cause and effect on the values(and negotiation) in our Hilton Head Real Estate market.

Get pre-approved and start home shopping on Hilton Head

We have attached a FREE PRE-APPROVAL session with the guru of financial strategy on Hilton Head Island. When it comes to buying a home, having a pre-approval puts you in the drivers seat when it becomes time to negotiate. Simply print out the Pre-Approval Appointment Questionnaire, fill it out and fax(or scan) it back to us at 1-866-680-1137. David Crowell’s office at Mortgage Network will call and schedule your session either by phone or in his office located on Hilton Head Island. Our friend and fellow agent Rick Murray, a real estate agent at Charter One on Hilton Head Island said it perfectly in his Island Events – May 1992 – A Nightmare – Spotted Bananas stating the last one sold might not be quite as good as the one before it.  That was back in 1992 and it seems very fitting now.