Hilton Head Island Villa buyers just want to have fun.  Their motivation is 80% emotion and 20% logic when it comes to a buying on Hilton Head.  Of course, the logical reasons must support the emotion, but don’t waste their time with fixer uppers. These lock and leave owners live in faraway places and let “regime” managers handle the exterior maintenance, the landscaping, the pool, the common area improvements, the trash and the bill paying.  These Hilton Head buyers fall in love with the Spanish Moss and Moon Beams.

Relax and recharge on Hilton Head

The reasons for buying a villa on Hilton Head includes using it as a second home, a family retreat, to rent ot others, to diversify a portfolio and the possibility of a future residence.  These villa buyers are buying as close to the beach as they can afford. For some size matters and they will move off the beach to get more square footage for less money. While rentals and appreciation use to drive the purchasers into a buying frenzy, buyers are now purchasing villas for personal enjoyment.  Rents of course help support the cause, they are not the main reasons for buying anymore.  The key is to have fun and Buy Now, Retire Later.

The Hilton Head villa market offers location, condition and selection

We are currently offering premium villa locations for get aways on Hilton Head Island and as the Number 1 villa sales company on Hilton Head Island(since 2009)we know where to look for the best ones.  You can find the locations and a brief write up about the many wonderful villa communities on Hilton Head Island by exploring this link to Hilton Head Villas and clicking on the villa area you have interest in.  Scrolling down you will find the Hilton Head Map and the location of each complex.   We offer villas for sale on Hilton Head with something for almost every budget starting at $10,000.  The key to buying now is that you can get the very best location with the best condition at the very best price.

Shop Hilton Head Villas with a pre-approval

We have attached a FREE FINANCIAL strategy session with the guru of financial strategy on Hilton Head Island. When it comes to buying a villa, having  a pre-approval puts you in the drivers seat when it comes time to negotiate.  Simply print out the Pre-Approval Appointment Questionnaire, fill it out and fax(or scan) it back to us at 1-866-680-1137. David Crowell’s office at Mortgage Network will call and schedule your session either by phone or in his office located on Hilton Head Island.  Like Rick Murray, a real estate agent at Charter One on Hilton Head Island said in in his Island Events – May 1992 – A Nightmare – Spotted Bananas.  As he said than that applies now, the last villa sold might not be quite as good as the one before and if you wait too long be prepared to pay higher prices and  settle for some brown spots!