We were dancing the “hokey pokey” as real estate buyers put one foot in and took one foot out the last few years on Hilton Head.  In the 4th quarter of 2011, however, we saw buyers put both feet into the market as half-backs, second home owners and baby boomers bought properties on the Island.  As we jump into 2012, David Crowell, the largest mortgage broker on Hilton Head Island confirms the “break through market” we are heading for with his forecasts below.

Despite what the headlines might read, inventories of homes have dropped for the last 4 years on Hilton Head and open minded buyers are taking action and scooping up the better properties. Real estate represents the only asset class that offers opportunity as banks offer depositors nothing and stocks bump up and down.  Confidence is flowing into the Hilton Head Real Market because of this and all bets are off in getting better properties with these prices as we move into the year ahead.  It’s time to get pre-qualified and go shopping on Hilton Head Island!