Mark Twain and Will Rogers shared a sentiment as Twain said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.  This is especially true on an Island, like Hilton Head.  With over 97% of the Island developed there are timing opportunities that exist right now with vacant land.  In fact, last week one of our home owners on the Island purchased the land adjacent to his home to protect his privacy and for investment.  Land is one of the easiest forms of ownership and the land deals today are very compelling!

Compelling Prices on Homesites on Hilton Head

Because some homes are selling for less than replacement costs, lot prices have retreated to compelling prices to attract purchasers.  Some of these lots sold for over 4 times their current asking price just a few years ago.  They now offer bargain prices and locations that cannot be matched.  Recently we have found a few contractors that will offer new home opportunities on these lots that compete with the existing home prices offered.  We have also found some creative financing for vacant land on Hilton Head.

Four ways to finance land on Hilton Head Island 

Bank financing, portfolio loans, home equity lines and owner financing offer options in financing land.  Of course, cash is king in this market and the fact that you cannot earn much in passbook savings, makes buying land with cash a timing opportunity for home sites.  Our market research has also identified these options in financing land:

  1. Loan Management Account For Real Estate ~ Whether you are looking to buy your dream home, purchase some land or invest in real estate, Merrill Lynch offers a Loan Management Account(LMA)  for you to gain the liquidity to fund your purchase. You may explore these loans by clicking here, or contact David Ruckno at Merrill Lynch to learn more about this program. David can be contacted at (843)341-9526 or via email at
  2.  Owner Financing ~ As mentioned banks are paying very little in passbook savings, therefore land owners have the opportunity to sell their free and clear land on Hilton Head and earn up to 5% financing the land for buyers.  Commonly known as “land contracts” this option gives property owners additional income on their land, and allows them to get out from the annual ownership costs.  The typical down payments are 20% or more which covers closing costs and puts a little cash in their pockets.
  3. Bank Financing ~ Banks are once again stepping up with money to finance land.  One bank that we have found locally is South Carolina Bank and Trust(SCBT).  While finacing is based on the individual, we have had buyer finance up to 75% on their land purchases.  South Carolina Bank and Trust (SCBT) has a wide range of mortgage products from 1 to 10 year ARMS as well as conforming and jumbo fixed products. Feel free to contact Andrew Phillips at 843-342-1957 for more information about these loans.
  4. Home Equity Lines ~ Banks offer equity lines secured by a principle residence.  These often offer competitive rates and terms that give potential land buyers cash to buy land on Hilton Head Island.
Some Land Deals on Hilton Head

If you would like to search for some great island deals we offer, please click here.  We have great lots in Palmetto Hall from $69,000, great land deals in Indigo Rungreat land deals in Palmetto Dunes,a great land deal on Daufuskie, great land in Long Cove, and great land in Oldfield.  Happy shopping.  Please contact us if you would like a free second opinion of any of these properties.  Our email is or call us toll free at 800-932-3652.  Thank you.